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Interview with Eddie Trunk

Whether you know him as the host of Eddie Rocks on New York’s FM radio station Q104.3 (WAXQ), as the host of Trunk Nation on Sirius-XM’s Hair Nation channel, or as the host of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, there’s no denying that Eddie Trunk is killing it.  And now, with the upcoming release of his second book, EDDIE TRUNK’S ESSENTIAL HARD ROCK & HEAVY METAL VOLUME 2, I figured it was about time to sit him down, pick his brain, and see if I could kick up some “behind the scenes” dirt for you. Check it out:

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Rock That Restaurant

My Guide to Kicking-Ass at Eating Out

So you’ve made the decision to begin living a healthier lifestyle. You’re working out and cooking clean, healthy meals. But what happens when you want to have a social life, and enjoy going out to eat?!

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I’m crazy proud to share the following interview with my friend/client, and your favorite comedian: Jim Norton.

Whether you know Jim Norton from his stand-up, as a radio personality on The Opie & Anthony Show (on Sirius XM Radio), or from his countless TV and movie appearances, you’ve never heard him open up like this. (Honestly, before this, neither had I.)

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Let's Start the Insanity

I’ve probably started and scrapped this post about 15x by now.  I guess it’s hard to come up with right words sometimes.  But at the end of the day, this is something that I take seriously.

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